Please feel free to toss some change into this jar. So far I’ve earned – $275.64

If you share a bit about yourself, I’ll write an mini song and e-mail it back as a thank-you.

3/31/2011 – Live show: $20 and two glasses of white wine

3/6/2011 – Live show: Bacon-Avacado Burger & 3 pints of Guinness

2/18/2011 – $8

1/28/2011 – Live show: $50

1/14/2011: $2 😦

1/07/2011: $10

Tip: $100

12/17/2010 – $13.46

12/10/2010 – $9.91

Tip: $20

11/2/2010 – $5.00

10/29/2010 – $10.00

10/20/2010 – $4.16

10/13/2010 – $1.00

10/5/2010 – $7.00

9/30/2010 – $7.00

9/17/ 2010 – $8.11


4 Responses to TIP JAR

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  3. TeamCregg says:

    All right, so it’s a bad situation, that’s for sure. Lots of debt with what appears to be a little amount of opportunity. The truth is you’re young and still in the foundation building part of your life. The things you’ve done so far, amazing things like world travel and giving yourself a quality education, are great building blocks for your future. Keep investing in yourself and the rewards will come. Slowly at first, but they will come. While what I have achieved may only seem mediocre to some, I am content. What makes you content, you have to figure out. How you get there, is by doing what you’re doing already. Seek opportunities and they will come. Many seem to think that obtaining an education by itself is a rite of passage, but it’s only part of the equation these days. You’re doing the right things to help yourself and I’m eager to see how your fortune blossoms. I made my guaranteed $100 donation, the $50 is still on the table…

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