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Show in SF March 6th – Brainwash Cafe

The show starts at 6pm and I go on at 7. The Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco is a bar/cafe/laundromat combo, which sounds like a good time to me. Entry is free and beer is $1. My talented friend Ryan Dishen will play right … Continue reading

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North Korea needs less clamp-down, more Clapton

The headline is better than the story, and I’m not sure this is even a good fit for this blog. Either way, it looked like a nice opportunity to do some quick lunch-break photo cropping of a guitar God and … Continue reading

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A burrito, a power nap, and some Adderall

This is a story about a time I traded a $3 burrito for an Adderall pill. It’s also about a realization I had one year later, after taking a power-nap in an office bathroom stall. It was 2006, and the … Continue reading

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$50 from a semi-homeless saxophonist

A partially homeless neighborhood friend of mine asked me a week ago — right after I came down with strep throat — if I was interested in playing a three-hour show at a local boutique store. He played tons of … Continue reading

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