Take it easy, man

“Runnin’ down the–“

“It’s illegal for you to play down here!” I heard in my right ear as I started to  sing the  first lines of the song Take it Easy. “They just don’t enforce it…”

I looked to my right and saw a grizzly man in with gray hair, staring at me. I was about to start singing again when he informed me that he was not, in fact, a pathological liar. Exactly what I was wondering.

Perplexed, I strummed a G chord in a long holding pattern, nodding while the man informed me of my subway lawbreaking. “This government iss filled with a bunch of hypocrites,” he said. “They don’t enforce nothin’.”

I thought about the scene from the Big Lebowski when Jeff Bridges complains that he hates the f*ckin’ Eagles. Maybe this guy hated the Eagles, too.

He continuing speaking, for more than 30 seconds, until I decided to just sing over his voice until he wandered away. And then I followed that tune up with some Credence, just for the hell of it.

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One Response to Take it easy, man

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Cool story, bro.

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