I started the year in a Chicago dive bar, eating grapes and drinking Champagne with close friends. I ended it in southern California with a room full of dancing Ecuadorians, eating grapes and drinking whisky.

I wrote a rap song about tall boys and I visited Amish country. I road tripped from Chicago to Virginia, cutting through six new states along the way. I became masterful, grew a mustache, and partied in Madrid for 10 days. I played harmonica on stage at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I built my own Web site and replaced my own truck engine. I finished school for the LAST time and I saw three friends get married.

2009 was the end of something excellent, and the start of something exciting. Goodbye.


I started the year lost in a crowded Lake Tahoe casino. I ended it in a Chicago dive bar, eating grapes and drinking Champaign with close friends.

I applied to grad school in mid January. My friend and I moved to Davis two weeks later and lived there for six months. I substitute taught, wrote small-town news and self-released a short album with my band. I attended three summer weddings with a pretty girl who soon became my girlfriend. Somewhere in there I was accepted to study journalism at Northwestern in Chicago. As a result, I experienced my first long-distance relationship.

I dove into debt and I fell into love. I moved happily to the city and froze my ass off. The economy tanked and I attended the first black president’s acceptance speech.

2008 unfolded perfectly.


It started outside a bar in Winters with a horrendous moustache. It ended in Lake Tahoe with me wandering alone through a crowded casino, with a new but equally trashy moustache.

The bulk was spent living with my parents: drinking wine, eating well, and doing practically nothing. Summer was happily passed in Monterey, where I worked a terrible job, drank 7&7s, and undeservingly won a few poker games. I received my diploma, taught 2nd grade Spanish, read a lot, and traveled no farther than Arizona (wtf?). I golfed at Pebble Beach, started a band, spent a weekend in a recording studio, became a journalist, and coached my fantasy football team, The Shitty Beatles, to a 3rd place finish.

The year was passed patiently and in a perpetual state of transition. I’ll know if it was worth it this time next year. I think it was though. Goodbye 2007, now let me live my life.


It started all alone in Monterey wasted off bottles of Pale Ale. It ended in a small town bar wasted off all kinds of things. I spent the first half in college, then I graduated but received no diploma. Still haven’t actually. I spent the second half cutting up all of California.

I abused my credit card, I lived out of my truck, I worked construction, I moved to San Diego and got a job for about three weeks, I vacationed in China, and I moved back in with my parents. I had a damn beard for almost half the year. And I spent one month with a dyed moustache that I happily disposed of just after midnight.


It started in a dirty madrid apartment full of brits, eating grapes and drinking litros of mahou or cruzcampo, or something. it ended on my couch solo in monterey, tripping off 10 or 11 sierra nevadas, reflecting and making silly phone calls that i loved.

I moved three and a half times, I learned a language, I saw 7 countries, I had a really sad plane flight, I barfed in milan, I grew a moustachio, I got strep throat twice, I danced, I cooked, I lived with females, I took a dip, and i made unforgetable friends and memories: the first half was party, and the second half was buisness.

2005 was the most important year ever, adios.

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