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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

I was in Santa Monica a couple of weeks ago and my friend Rudy and I grabbed a couple of beers at some downtown bar. When we left, we heard this guy playing La Bamba on a bench outside. When … Continue reading

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Two Hundred Thou dot com

I just stumbled across a Huffington Post article about a Northeastern student who took out $200,000 in loans and has since created a site dedicated to collecting online donations to pay off the debt. Her name is Kelli Space and … Continue reading

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Take it easy, man

“Runnin’ down the–“ “It’s illegal for you to play down here!” I heard in my right ear as I started to  sing the  first lines of the song Take it Easy. “They just don’t enforce it…” I looked to my … Continue reading

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The next great American crisis

The following column from MIT’s newspaper compares the housing bubble’s burst with what may be soon to happen with the student loan situation. It makes sense: More and more and more kids are graduating with debt they can’t afford to … Continue reading

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It started in a living room full of dancing Ecuadorians and it ended in a San Francisco living room playing board games with close friends. I was unemployed in southern California for the first five months, and then I moved … Continue reading

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