James Buchanan is my main man

I played for 25 minutes in the Montgomery BART station today and made $9.91 before scuttling off to the airport and flying down to Bianca’s family’s house. I wanted to stop and get an iced tea before I started because my mouth was parched, but I was afraid I’d miss my flight, so I passed on it. I was given a $5 bill by an elderly woman while playing a silly song called The Fox, The Crow, and the Cookie, which I thought was a bit odd, considering I played a few 50s songs earlier on. I also received a shiny brownish coin, which I thought was Sacajawea, but turned out to be James Buchanan. I didn’t even realize he had a coin. He was the only lifelong bachelor president. Check him out, in all his suaveness, right here:


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