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VIDEO: Overeducated and underemployed

This 15-minute documentary explores the worth of a college degree in modern society. I strongly recommend watching it: “In 1940, 1 out of every 20 American adults had a bachelors degree. Today, more than 1 in 4 does.” A Generation … Continue reading

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The problem with over-glamorizing college

College in America has been over-glamorized, and the effects have been damaging to the country. Consider two issues we currently face: • Millions of kids, fresh out of university, are jobless and deep in debt with student loans. • Our … Continue reading

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Bundle – Spend well, save well

A few days after I posted my first Huffington Post blog, I was contacted by an old student-friend from Northwestern. She said she has been freelancing for a financial website called Bundle and was interested in writing a short piece … Continue reading

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Rainy day music

Quite honestly, I had no desire to play music today. It was pouring rain and I was exhausted because I drank too many whiskey-cokes at my company party the night before. I just wanted to go straight home, but I … Continue reading

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James Buchanan is my main man

I played for 25 minutes in the Montgomery BART station today and made $9.91 before scuttling off to the airport and flying down to Bianca’s family’s house. I wanted to stop and get an iced tea before I started because … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Blogging

I’m now blogging for the College section of the Huffington Post, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll continue taking the same approach to this blog by sharing daily stories and posting articles I find interesting, but I’ll save the … Continue reading

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A song a week – Beatles Medley

I didn’t learn any new songs in November until the day before I played a show at the Velo Rouge Cafe. These three songs, from the Abbey Road album, bleed into one another beautifully. It starts with Mean Mr. Mustard, … Continue reading

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