Thanks for the $7, Sir Elton John

On Tuesday night, learned and memorized Tiny Dancer, just like I promised myself I would. The following day, I bought a Peach Iced Tea and descended into the BART station to start paying off some loans.

I played five songs before anyone acknowledged my existence. This bothered me more than I imagined it would. I so purely enjoyed my first two music sessions, I convinced myself I didn’t really care much about the money. Turns out, I kind of do.

The validation is nice. Just to know people are listening. And because I can’t totally disconnect myself from the purpose of this blog, which is technically to pay off my loans, even though I’m on a horrific pace to do so.

I decided to debut my new song. Within 30 seconds of dipping into the Elton John song, a few quarters were dropped into my guitar case. By the second verse, another dollar had fallen. Before I launched into the chorus, a mother and her curly haired daughter stopped to dance, and then the little girl nervously skampered over and dropped a crumpled dollar in front of me before running way.

I only played two more songs after Tiny Dancer, and then I bussed home to my beautiful fiance. Those last three songs netted me all seven of my dollars.

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