Fear of the unknown

I realized last night, while quietly playing my guitar in a BART station at the San Francisco airport, that I’m afraid to set this blog in motion.

My main fear is exposing my personal life to acquaintances, especially ones I know from school and work. I’m not worried at all about close friends and complete strangers, but how will I react the first time someone from work walks by and sees me playing in a crowded subway with a jar in front of me? And then when I go into work the next day, how do I approach it?

I don’t have an answer to that question, which is why I’m scared.

The bottom line, though, is this: I shouldn’t care what other people think. This process will be good for me on an artistic level as well as on a financial level (at least a tiny bit).

And I think it’s a pleasant thing for the public.

So I will do it.

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