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Video: Rising college costs collide with aspirations

The difference between me and the kids in this video is: I never even considered the money. I thought, Hey, I want to go to college and work hard at what I love. And now here I am, strumming away … Continue reading

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I played 10 songs in a BART station and I earned some money

I walked down the steps into the Montgomery BART station and saw a thin, black man sitting on a chair with a guitar in his lap. He was tapping his feet, smiling and telling people to have a nice weekend … Continue reading

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Fear of the unknown

I realized last night, while quietly playing my guitar in a BART station at the San Francisco airport,┬áthat I’m afraid to set this blog in motion. My main fear is exposing my personal life to acquaintances, especially ones I know … Continue reading

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Bottoming out financially / Rocking out proactively

The first time my debit card was denied was one week ago, at a dentist office. The second time was yesterday, at a gas station between Yosemite and San Francisco. Two weeks ago I bought a box of multigrain Wheat … Continue reading

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