Hacking away at my student loans by playing songs

Here is my idea…

I will play music in public at least three times a week for the next year. I’ll keep a tip jar in front of me and put every single penny I make toward the the massive pile of student debt I accumulated in college.

Some background: I earned a masters degree in journalism from a very good school, but in doing so I took tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. I’m now saddled with massive monthly payments that are scheduled to last 30 years. The interest accrued over that time will more than double the amount I borrowed.

I made the choice to take out these loans, and now I must pay them back, but the idea of letting them dictate my life for decades is EXHAUSTING.

With this blog I’m hoping to hack away at that debt while exercising myself creatively, by playing music in public and telling stories in writing.

Noticeable financial progress will come slowly, but I think the experience will be healthy on several other levels.

Check back often as I share my experiences. I know I’m just one of millions feeling this burden, so maybe you can relate.

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